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Freestyle Friday: Cleaning Out The Fridge

Roasted Roots with Carrot Top Pesto

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Admittedly I made this simple dish because I desperately needed a healthy meal and my carrots have been sitting in my fridge for too long. I also wanted to practice my plating technique with something I threw together. I found that it does a great job showcasing my carrot top pesto. So yeah, enjoy!

Roasted Roots with Carrot Top Pesto



  1. Wash your carrots and potato
  2. Pre heat the oven to 400 degrees F 
  3. Peel and grate the ginger into a paste and rub over the carrots generously (if I could do it again I’d try picking the carrots in a ginger mixture but I feel that it added enough to it to make this step worth it)
  4. Cut the sweet potato into bite sized bits 
  5. Lightly coat the sweet potato in olive oil and place into a roasting pan lined with foil
  6. Place the carrots on a rack and put them into the middle shelf of your preheated oven (no oil needed for the carrots)
  7. Take your pan of sweet potatoes and put them there as well
  8. Cook for about 45 minutes and remove
  9. Halve the carrots to reveal the gorgeous orange flesh
  10. Plate the potatoes and carrots and drizzle on the carrot top pesto

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A Rainbow of Carrots (And a Carrot Top Pesto Recipie)

DSC 2310 HDR

I do love springtime in Michigan. It’s a time when the second largest exporter (under California) of produce starts to wake and all the goodies and treats start becoming available. This morning, one of my urban farmer friends from ACRE Detroitposted on his Facebook that the first batch of rainbow carrots were ready for harvesting and I jumped on the opportunity to get my hands on some.

945910 10100914586418584 1016083203 nHe even delivered it to my door. Such a nice guy! 

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It’s Good For You: Curried Lentil Stew with Ramps and Quinoa

IMG 6349

I just got back from a particularly intense workout session with Kimo at Truebody Fitness and I was starving. I try to keep fast and processed foods to a minimum in the house so I always have to quickly whip something up if I want to eat. I also needed it to be healthy and productive to recovery after some rather intense strength training (intense for me anyway, Kimo is a beast). I knew I needed a source or protein to build muscle, some electrolytes to replace what I sweat out, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and some healthy fats to help me absorb all this. I also needed a good source of antioxidants and anti-infammitories to help my body recover from the work out.

Here’s what I came up with using the leftovers in my fridge and some crap from my pantry.

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Beans + Music – Fart Jokes = This Post.

(Am I making up for the weeks of gratuitous unposting… maybe. Is it driven by guilt? Probably)

I’m not only about food, you know. My three other passions happen to be Music, Men’s Fashion and Fitness/Health. I’ll be showing you guys that side of me a little more. Right now, here’s a recipe for a healthy bean and quinoa salad and here’s the song you should listen to while you make it. These are two similar salad recipes that I threw together because I’ve been hitting the gym a lot and could use a protein source that a) doesn’t come in a bottle and b) isn’t going to eventually give me stomach cancer. Let me be clear, I’m not anti-meat. Obviously you’ve seen plenty of it on the blog, but I am all about having things in moderation, and in this country we don’t eat enough food that is actually all out beneficial for you. So this one is for all the people who want to take care of themselves and those who know swimsuit season is fast approaching… this ain’t no Game of Thrones bullcrap folks…


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